Shooting in the Rain

This past Saturday, I did a shoot for Thread Magazine, a student fashion publication I work for. When we had scheduled the shoot 2 weeks before, we envisioned the weather as it had been – sunny, relatively warm, and clear skies all day long. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of no rain, when the day for the shoot came, it began to rain. No, not just rain – pour. Buckets of water. For hours. We were practically swimming.

But, when you’ve coordinated the schedules a dozen people, gotten clothes, and styled 6 models, there’s no such thing as rescheduling. So, with some quick thinking we moved to a location with a covered pavilion.  The models and stylists hid under the awning while Sarah (my roommate and assistant) ventured out into the rain, using a large reflector as a makeshift umbrella for the models. Sarah and I just got soaked.

I can’t put up the pictures from the shoot until the magazine comes out, but I can give a little teaser – the photograph I chose to use for a class assignment. This was one of about 25 shots – apparently shooting in the rain forces me to carefully compose and shoot quickly!



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