Something you’ve never seen before….

Oh, boy, are you all in for a treat! Ok, well, maybe not quite a treat, but certainly something different. Two weeks ago, I took some senior photos for a family friend’s daughter. Those photos are still in post-processing, but while you wait – why not look at pictures of ME?

I know, shocking. To date, there has been exactly one photo of me on this blog, and it was a self-portrait. I hate pictures of me, that’s why I became a photographer. But, here they are. While I was taking pictures of her daughter, Mrs. Krumholtz was taking pictures of ME! Enjoy the inside look!

Somehow, I feel that Gary might not approve of my choice of shoes here. But really - I would shoot barefoot if I thought I could get away with it.

Just hanging out in a tree/some plants. Good thing there wasn't any poison ivy!

Oh, you know, just breaking some rules, hanging over a bridge - the usual. You gotta do what you gotta do for that perfect shot!


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