I took some pictures at PGIF about two weeks ago for a photojournalism assignment.


Students gather every Friday afternoon from two to three pm in Galbreath Chapel for "Praise God It's Friday", more commonly known as PGIF. The intimate, acoustic worship hour is hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ, and is characterized by its casual atmosphere and laid-back attitude

Students volunteer their time and talent to lead the weekly worship session for their peers. Matt LoPresti, (far right) a sophomore plays guitar while Steven Rybka, a freshmen keeps the beat on his djembe. Tiffany Fout, sophomore, runs the projector. Kristen Welch, a freshman, leads the singing while her older brother, Josh, a senior, accompanies her on the piano. "Worship is responding to who God is and what He has done for us; bowing all that we are before all that God is," says Josh. "I believe that God has given me musical abilities, and I want to use them to serve him."

Elizabeth Held, a freshman, bows her head in silent prayer during a song. "I pray because its my direct communication with God," says Held. "It's comforting to know the Lord can hear me."

with college students all around you," she says.”]

Jeremy King, a junior, reads over a passage of Scripture with his girlfriend, Sarah Kaiser (on right).




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